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with Travel Anxiety

From having a panic attack on a plane, to intrusive thoughts ruining a special trip, the fear that you’ll open your passport and discover you’re a different person, trying to use travel to run away from your problems, and everything in between, your Guide has some helpful tips on how to travel well with a brain.

Airplane safety card illustrating how to put on the life jacket in an emergency

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About Me

My name is Mark, and I’ll be your Guide around this pretty, little sinking island on fire. It has amazing scenery we can care for, incredible food to nourish us, there is so much culture, countless stories to learn, and amazing people to connect with and support. I really hope the island doesn’t sink! As we explore, let’s step with kindness, awareness, and curiosity. Let’s leave it better than we found it.

Click the link below to learn why I got rid of everything I owned and embarked on this journey:

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More important than what we can see or get or take or try is how we care. How do we leave this place better than we found it? What do we want to give?


There are no solo journeys on this island. We learn languages and cultures, we collaborate even when it might seem faster to go alone. We build community.


Aware of the history and pain that's come before, seeing how the systems of our small island are connected, present to the wonder and importance of this moment.