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My best coffee shops in Laureles, Medellin

Your Guide spent around a month living in Laureles, in three different places, so it gave me an opportunity to try out a lot of coffee shops and just bathe in that fresh Colombian coffee, literally from just on the other side of the mountains that hug Medellin. I tried many more coffee shops than I’ve shared about here. For me, the ones below are the best coffee shops in Laureles.

Dèlmuri Cafe

Dèlmuri Cafe was my favorite in Laureles. Easy to get to from anywhere in the neighborhood, and facing the lush green wall of trees in Parque Laureles, it has an ideal combination of location, comfortable space, great coffee, and delicious food. Big cakes. Filling empanadas. Local beans. Lots of greenery.

Dèlmuri is just a storefront down from Semilla Coworking. So you’re close to other digital nomads and startups, but you can have a more traditional cafe atmosphere and you don’t have to hear as many online scrums.

If I need a place to do an Instagram Q&A, write a few pages for a book, or have a quiet conversation with a new friend or an old friend, Dèlmuri is a perfect place for it.

That’s a big chunk of tamarind cheesecake up there in that photo. The street in front of Dèlmuri doesn’t get much traffic. So you can enjoy yourself on the front terrace, but there’s also a deep interior space leading back to a skylight lit mini-courtyard full of plants.

Location & Hours

Location: Dèlmuri Cafe, Cl. 39c ## 73 – 29, Laureles, Medellín Google Maps Link

Hours: 8 am to 8:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. 8 am to 7 pm Sunday and holidays.



Rituales (full name: Rituales Compañía de Café) takes its coffee seriously. They’re roasting and packaging their beans, so it’s also a good place to pick up coffee for home. If you want to explore different preparations of coffee, different beans, and really nerd-out on coffee, this is where to go. When friends visited, I took them here so they could get the full Colombian coffee experience.

With two floors of seating and solid internet, it’s also a good place to work.

How are the pastries? This is where I learned that, when you order a brownie in Medellin, it often comes with honey on it. The most fragrant, rainforest, wildflower honey over deep dark thick creamy chocolate. But still, be ready for SWEET.

Rituales is conveniently located off of one of the main streets in Laureles: Avenida Nutibara. There’s a Carulla (similar to Whole Foods) and a Supermercado Euro (more budget friendly) grocery store just a block away. I liked to stop by Rituales, do some work, fuel up, and then do my grocery shopping.

That Carulla also reliably takes credit cards (read more about that here: Do foreign credit cards work in Colombia?) and has an ATM that consistently worked for me. You can read more about navigating Colombia’s sometimes tricky ATMs here: What I did when an ATM in Colombia ate my money.

Location & Hours

Location: Rituales, Cq. 74A #39b-22, Laureles, Medellín Google Maps Link

Hours: 8 am to 8 pm except Sundays, when they open 10 am to 7 pm


Naturalia Café

One of the key perks of Naturalia is that you can get vegan and vegetarian food here. For such a lush, green city, the traditional food in Medellin is very beige, meaty, and fried. If you’re craving some color, fruit, and vegetables along with great coffee, Naturalia has you covered.

There’s a deep interior to Naturalia. The front terrace is not very large, and it’s right on the street, but there’s an airy, plant filled atrium with ample seating at the back of the cafe.

Location & Hours

Location: Naturalia, Cq. 3 #70-39, Laureles, Medellín  Google Maps Link

Hours: Mon to Thurs, 8:30 am to 9 pm. Fri and Sat, 8:30 am to 10 pm. Sun, 10 am to 4:30 pm


An unexpected great coffee shop in Laureles, Medellin

The SMASH on the ground floor of the Factory Lofts is primarily a fast casual restaurant serving healthy bowls and smoothies. But they also do a great espresso, and have a nice outdoor patio. It’s one of the reasons I liked staying at the Factory Lofts: Factory Lofts or Go Living Suites in Medellin?

  • SMASH is located at the Factory Lofts, Carrera 69, Cq. 1 #8, Medellín – Google Maps

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