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Can you use Wise Singapore for Google AdSense?

If you want to use Wise Singapore for Google AdSense, because you’ve got a blog or a YouTube channel, you might run into some issues. Specifically, you may have an issue with the AdSense bank account form requiring a Sort Code. The thing is: Singaporean banks don’t have Sort Codes. 

Before you go any further, the short answer: No. I could NOT connect my Wise account to Google AdSense as a payment method. Both YouTube support and Wise insisted it was possible, but YouTube support also insisted Wise must have a Sort Code and I just needed to get it from them. And Wise support insisted there was no Sort Code and the info they gave me should work just fine. 

I’ll share my experience navigating this so you can save yourself some time and suffering.

How do you contact AdSense Customer Support?

Wise support is easy to contact and my experience with them has always been great. If you want to get in-touch with customer support at AdSense, I don’t know if that is possible. Every avenue I tried sent me to the AdSense Community Forum. That didn’t produce any useful information. But YouTube Creator Customer Support exists if you’re part of YouTube’s Partner Program, and you can contact them at this link.

How to connect a Singaporean bank to AdSense with no Sort Code?

If you have any bank account in Singapore, not just with Wise, you’ll get asked by AdSense to supply a Sort Code for the bank. The standard workaround is to take the first three digits of your bank account number and input them into the required Sort Code field. 

Does the workaround work for Wise Singapore and AdSense?

I could not get it to work. I tried the first three digits of my Wise account. I also tried 000, 001, 002, and 003. I stopped there. It was time consuming. Here are instructions from Wise on using their account details for Singapore.

In the past, the workaround would’ve applied to Wise Singapore because they were using DBS as a partner bank. So your account details were DBS account details. You took the first three digits from your DBS account and everything worked fine. If you have a DBS account in Singapore and trying to figure out what your Sort Code is for AdSense, try: 003.

But now Wise Singapore is its own entity integrated into Singapore’s FAST network. 

An email from Wise indicating that there is no sort code for banks in Singapore and I should contact AdSense to get them to sort it out.
A message from Wise Support. Cue narrator: "But it would not get sorted from their end..."

What did YouTube Creator Support suggest?

They suggested I get details from Wise for electronic transfers. So I shared a letter with YouTube Creator Support from Wise that explained all of the details for the account, as well as the email from Wise saying there was no other number. Then Creator Support suggested I contact Wise (I’d already sent them the Wise letter twice) or use an alternate method to receive payments. The thing is there are ZERO alternate methods of payment available to AdSense users in Singapore. And then they sent me a satisfaction survey. I think they closed the ticket.

How did I connect a Singapore bank account to AdSense?

All of this was only happening because I’d signed up for a business account with Aspire. The Aspire digital business account does not work with AdSense. You can read my honest review of Aspire’s digital business account here. Using Wise was my Plan B when Aspire didn’t work out. So I had to go to Plan C, which really should’ve been Plan A: I got an actual real bank account. It didn’t take longer to get that set up than trying to work with the digital banks, and I got a usable account in the end 🙂

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