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Do you trust an airline to supply your wardrobe to Japan?

As somebody who only has three bags, your Guide is intrigued by the possibility of not needing to carry clothes. What to bring, what to leave, how to fit it all in that carry-on? What if it was waiting for you when you arrived at your destination? Enter “Any Wear, Anywhere,” from Japan Airlines (JAL). Passengers can book an outfit package in advance of their trip to Japan. JAL is promoting it as a hack for convenience and the environment. Let’s check it out…

The way it works is that you select your outfit options on the Any Wear, Anywhere website, let them know the hotel you’ll first stay at, and JAL delivers the clothes to the hotel. You can keep them for up to two weeks. At your final hotel, you drop the clothes off with reception. 

Check out the clothing options here:

The website groups outfit options into seasons and categories like “casual” or “smart casual”. Outfit rental costs start around $35 for 3 tops and two pairs of trousers. 

The “Any Wear, Anywhere” program concept is appealing, especially for people constantly on the move that want to keep their clothes to a minimum. But I have trouble finding clothes that fit well. And there is a lot of great travel gear that’s versatile enough I can keep a small amount of luggage while having the clothes I need for city or mountain life.

JAL will probably need to work on easing the sartorial anxiety that many experience around their travel wardrobes. Maybe a try-before-you-fly option or a quick swap service upon landing? In a Reddit post on JAL’s program launch, the overwhelming sentiment was skepticism, especially about the look and quality of the clothes. The idea has legs, but it needs a bit more runway before it truly takes off.

The way the clothes are displayed on the site, especially for a place as stylish with second-hand clothes as Japan, will probably scare off many visitors. See photo from the site below:

The current program is a pilot program (no pun intended) and is available to passengers flying JAL to Japan, through August 2024. If you try it out, post about it down below!

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