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Does Peru require a health declaration form for entry?

Somehow, despite looking up the requirements online, and getting emails from the airline about double-masking on the plane, I completely missed any mention of filling out the online health declaration form. Yes, entry to Peru does require a health declaration form. Your airline will ask to see it when you check in and before boarding. You’ll also show it in line when you’re waiting to go through immigration in Lima. 

Where to access Peru's health declaration form

It’s officially called the Affidavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization. And you can fill it out at this link:

It’s completely free and quick to fill out. If you see any services charging a fee to process it for you, don’t fall for that.  This is a very simple form. You’ve probably filled out many of these by this point in the pandemic, just indicating whether you are experiencing any symptoms and where you’ll be staying.

You’ll need to show the completed form when you check in for your flight, along with your proof of vaccination. And don’t forget that proof of a return ticket as well!

What was that about double-masking on the plane to Peru?

On your plane to Peru, flights in Peru, and at Lima Airport, you’ll be asked to double-mask unless you’re already wearing an N95. So if you’ve got a cloth mask or just one of those rectangular clinical masks, your airline should be asking you to put on a second mask. 

Avianca didn’t send me any info about the double-masking (or Peru’s health affidavit), even though it was technically required on their flight in. But Avianca is still showing 2019’s Detective Pikachu as the solitary “new release” on their entertainment system. LATAM was on top of things, though. A flight attendant stood at the plane entrance with a package of masks and gave one to everybody showing too much face.

Sign at Lima Airport in Spanish and English that says "Always use a double mask"
This sign at Lima Airport encouraging people to double-mask was aspirational. But domestic flights were enforcing it at boarding time.

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