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Earn Avios from Airbnb stays: Does it actually work?


If you’re often doing months-long stays in Airbnbs for remote work, you’ve probably noticed the absence of an Airbnb loyalty program. But there is a partnership with Avios that can earn points for your stays. It’s a bit tricky, though, because you need to plan your Airbnb bookings through a British Airways page, which might mean you’re planning many months ahead of when the points will appear. And it doesn’t have a direct connection in your account profile like other hotel-airline program link-ups usually do. This process requires faith in cookies (just not the delicious kind). However, this Guide can now confirm, at least once, the Avios-Airbnb link actually works. Let’s explore the steps…

How to Earn Avios Points with Airbnb: A Step-by-Step Guide

Because this process depends on cookies, you’ll need them turned on in your browser. And when you get any pop-ups asking if you’d like to accept the cookies on the sites involved, you’ll need to accept them. Normally, I instinctively reject all cookies online (although, obviously, I accept all cookies in real life).

1. Start at the Right Place: Begin by visiting the British Airways Airbnb partnership page here: This is crucial, as booking directly through Airbnb’s main site won’t earn you any points. You need to click that big button on the page that says “Book accommodation on Airbnb” (see image below)

2. Get a British Airways Executive Club number if you don’t have one: You can sign up on the page above. You’ll need your membership number to proceed.

Screenshot of the British Airways Executive Club page explaining the partnership with Airbnb, including a large button to click before booking

3. Accept the cookies and input your British Airways Executive Club number: After you input your membership number and hit continue, you’ll be taken to

4. Confirm the Airbnb homepage banner: If everything goes well up to this point, when you get to the Airbnb homepage, you should see a British Airways Executive Club banner add about the points. That is the last indication I’ve seen about the program. When I’ve booked, there’s no other notice or indicator. 

Airbnb homepage displaying the British Airways Executive Club banner explaining the Avios program

5. Wait for the points: They do say it can take up to 60 days after the stay for your points to appear. The points for my most recent stay were posted to my Avios account 24 days after the stay ended.

If you don’t see your points after 60 days, there is a link on that first Executive Club page where you can reach out and request missing points.

The program could change at any time, and these steps are just the ones I followed with my computer and browser setup. Please do read and follow the Terms and Conditions on the Executive Club and Airbnb sites about the program.

How many Avios do you earn for Airbnb stays?

Currently, this program earns 2 (or 3) Avios per dollar/pound/euro spent on an Airbnb stay. Why the confusion? Because the British Airways page says 2 but the notice on Airbnb after clicking through says 3.

If you’re doing month-long stays in Airbnbs, that can add up. A one-way ticket from London to New York with Avios would start around 25000 Avios.

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