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HIIT workouts en Español

I spend a lot of my day writing in English and talking in English, so I want to maximize the time I have to learn Spanish. Workout time is the perfect time to keep the learning going. So here are several Spanish-language HIIT workouts. They require no equipment or minimal equipment. They’re great workouts for digital nomads that want to build fitness and language skills on the road.

Cardio Intenso

Lots of footwork and punching in this one. There’s not a lot of bodyweight lifting moves, like squats or pushups, so this makes for a good warmup.

Rutina Completa

You can easily do the weight components of this workout with anything you’ve got around your Airbnb. It’s not about heavy weights. This is a good workout if you just want 50 minutes of movement.

Fuerza en Casa

This is a strength workout that will have your arms burning. Another workout from Chuy Almada. One of the benefits of the workouts on his channel, if you’re working on Spanish, is that he talks a lot during workouts. I don’t find it useful for workouts, but for learning Spanish and all of your body parts and directions, it’s great!

HIIT 20 Minutos

If you finished one of the other workouts and it didn’t get you sweating enough, throw in this HIIT workout at the end for a burner, with more plyometrics, and a lot of a dialogue en español tambien.

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