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Hotel room shoulder workout

Climbing up the hills of Medellin or Cusco can give your legs a good workout, but if you don’t have access to a gym or some luggage to strict press over your head, giving your upper body a push workout can be more challenging. So here’s a hotel room shoulder workout that’s come in handy when it’s just me, my laptop, and a tiny room on a business trip.

The jump rope links are affiliate links because it’s been one of my favorite, most-used pieces of equipment.

Jump rope warm-up

There is one piece of fitness equipment I carry with me and if anything happened to it, I’d get another one immediately because it’s been so useful: a speed rope. If you’re traveling a lot, it’s a lightweight, affordable, packable piece of digital nomad fitness equipment. There’s usually a place you can use it. Jumping over a little rope, doing some double-unders, can give you a sweaty sweaty workout. Or a good warm-up. I’d recommend going with an adjustable but screw-free design, like this one: Sonic Boom Speed Jump Rope

Boxing Warm-up

If you don’t have a jump rope or space to use one, then a boxing warm-up is great for getting your shoulder ready. 

No-equipment shoulder burner workout

This workout is from a channel, BullyJuice, that I use often. It was handy during pandemic lockdowns for at-home workouts when I couldn’t go to the gym, and now it’s a reliable resource anytime I need a workout, especially in small Airbnbs. 

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