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How is the food at Da Nang Airport?

Vietnam is known for its delicious food, and Da Nang is no exception. Located in the middle of the country, with popular beaches, and the historical towns of Hue and Hoi An close by, Da Nang’s airport gets a lot of traffic. It’s nice (as airports go), and there are many places to eat, including multiple souvenir shops selling packaged snacks and drinks. The airport’s Star Alliance lounge is also unusually well-stocked for food (and the gate agent forced me to go, so I thought I should mention it). Let’s take a look at how the food is at Da Nang airport…

Restaurants at Da Nang's airport - Spring 2023

Before Security
  • Big Bowl: This restaurant serves up Vietnamese cuisine, including pho (in a genuinely massive bowl), banh mi, and bun cha, along with an assortment of pastries (like the chocolate muffin I ate). When you enter the international terminal, it’s on your left, up a staircase.
  • Highland Coffee: Popular coffee chain in southeast Asia. It is on your right, up the stairs, when you enter the international terminal.
After Security
  • Crystal Jade Kitchen: Cantonese restaurant offers a wide variety of classics, from dim sum to seafood. Find it after security, over gates 1, 2, 3.
  • Puro Gusto & Espresso To Go: Two cafes you’ll find inside, offering coffee drinks and baked goods. Puro Gusto is on the departures concourse, to your right when you exit out of security. Espresso To Go is down by Gate 6.
  • Da Nang Kiosk: This kiosk offers a variety of snacks and drinks, including Vietnamese coffee, tea, and beer.
  • Burger King: American fast-food restaurant on the departures concourse, in the direction of Gate 6.
Big Bowl restaurant viewed from the check-in line at Da Nang Airport, Vietnam

The Big Bowl to the left of the international check-in at Da Nang International Airport, before security. The restaurant has a lot of seating, with adapters that can take round or flat prongs. The pastries were delicious and I also had a bowl of pho, which wasn’t as good as the pho out on the street, but still delicious.

Is there a Star Alliance lounge at Da Nang Airport?

Yes. Turn right after security and look for the elevator/stairs up to the mezzanine level.

When I arrived at my gate, they had just played an announcement that they’d begin boarding, so I walked up and presented my boarding pass. But the gate agent told me it would be a few minutes, so I should go to the lounge. She insisted on escorting me there. It’s at least a five minute walk from the gate, which didn’t leave me much time to eat anything and walk back. So I had a banana and a beer. I took some cookies for the flight. It had a relatively large food buffet for a lounge. And it had fun instant noodle kits, that combined fresh ingredients with a block of instant noodles. You just had to add hot water.

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