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How is the food at Medellin Airport?

Your Guide had friends to pickup at the airport and a flight out. Because Medellin’s airport is in the (beautiful) countryside, it requires a relatively long drive, so I was curious about the food at José María Córdova International. Should I eat before I go? Or go early and enjoy a relaxing meal at the airport? Here’s the low-down on the food at Medellin’s airport…

Are there restaurants before security at the Medellin airport?

There’s a Juan Valdez coffee shop in the middle of the departures concourse, as well as several convenience stores and a Mimos ice cream shop. On the top (third) floor, there are a couple of fast-food places, like a Presto and a Kokoriko. It’s got what you’d find in a mall food court but from ten years ago. Not like the fancy mall food courts you find in Medellin now, like Oviedo Mall: What’s the best mall in Medellin?

If you’re just picking up somebody, and you’re not into fast food, then I would eat before you head for the airport. 

How is the food in the departures area at Medellin's airport?

There are some more fast food places and several souvenir and gift stores after security. The gift shops have a good selection of chocolate and nuts and guayaba jellies and other local treats. If you want snacks, you’ll be well taken care of.

I checked out the food in the Avianca lounge but just opted for coffee from a machine. It was not like the kind of experience you get in Medellin’s beautiful coffee shops (My best coffee shops in Laureles, Medellin). And it’s not at all like the culinary wonderland at Cannúa, even though you’re only a short drive away: How is the food at Cannúa Ecolodge?

Again, I’d recommend eating before you go to the airport (especially if you’re going there after a stay at Cannúa).

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