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How is the food at Taipei Songshan Airport?

Songshan Airport is the tiny Taipei airport. But conveniently close to downtown Taipei, and with several international connections around Asia, it might be your best option for hopping from Taipei to a nearby destination. Make sure to head to the international departures level if you need food. And eat before you go through security, even if you have a business class lounge access. Let’s explore some of the details before you take off…

Glass case containing pastry pies with a sign in Mandarin listing flavors and prices on the arrivals level of Taipei's Songshan airport
7-Eleven at Taipei's Songshan airport, with a Mister Donut case of donuts at front

When your guide arrived at Songshan, it was with an empty stomach. My hotel was surrounded by streets of delicious restaurants but they all had long line-ups when I was leaving my hotel. Even with the minimal luggage I carry, I wasn’t squeezing into any of the restaurants around Huashan Creative Park at lunch hour. But when I got to the airport, the first floor only turned up a meat pie stall and a 7-Eleven. I know some of you like Mister Donut, so rest assured they had a case of Mister Donut donuts. But I needed something more. I had a business class ticket, so I figured I’d just head for the lounge. But on the way…

Restaurants before security at Songshan Airport

When you go up the escalators for the international departures, you’ll find a large seating area surrounded by restaurants and tea (or coffee) shops. 

BHeart Noodles – a Thai noodle shop

Hanlin – Classic Taiwan tea shop drinks and food

Pin Chuan Lan – specializing in beef noodle soup

There’s also a Starbucks and a couple of pastry / bakery shops. 

I was feeling like a big bowl of noodles so I went to BHeart. I followed up the noodles with black sesame soft serve they were advertising as a “black volcano”. It was pretty weak as far as volcanoes go. I was still hungry. I headed for the EVA business class lounge.

How is the Star Alliance Gold Lounge food at Songshan?

Two major reasons to eat before you go through security at Songshan Airport: 

  1. The departures area has a lot of empty storefronts and the ones that are filled are out-of-place luxury designer shops that clash with the low-ceiling, church basement aesthetic of the international departure gates. There were no restaurants for passengers beyond security when I was there. 
  2. The EVA lounge, which is also the Star Alliance Gold lounge, was very unpleasant. It was completely rammed with people. Songshan probably gets a significant number of business commuters around Asia, who have racked up the status miles. So not many people paid extra and the lounge seemed more like a punishment. The food is served in a cramped corner. It’s greasy, different shades of beige and grey and yellowish brown. Some cheap beer and cheaper wine. 

Eat BEFORE you go through security.

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