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How is the gym at the Camino Real Zaashila in Huatulco?

This Guide only reviews places I would recommend others stay at, but I will do reviews in a situation where there’s some information to share with other adventurers that may help be useful. That’s the scenario here. And a lot of people do like the Camino Real Zaashila, in Huatulco, Mexico. This review is going to focus in on the Camino Real Zaashila’s gym and pool. I was planning several days of fitness and food but I didn’t use the gym once.

So how is the gym at the Camino Real Zaashila?

That gym has seen better, less rusty days. I suspect my travel insurance would not cover me for any injuries incurred there. There were dumbbells, a large bar, one of those multi-purpose machines (that rattled a lot when I tried to use it), and some cardio machines.

The gym is a converted hotel room, down a dark hallway, in the building furthest from the beach. The building seemed empty. The gym is probably not one of the hotel’s priorities, especially when it’s just trying to stay afloat during the biggest tourism down-turn since it opened.

The CRZ didn’t advertise their gym in any particular way. I saw GYM checked off on Booking and assumed/fantasized aggressively wrong. When I was choosing a place to stay in Huatulco, knowing which hotel had the best gym would’ve helped my decision. I did try to workout but things were wobbly and rattling. I didn’t feel comfortable using the equipment in this gym and wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

What about the Camino Real Zaashila's pool?

I got a room overlooking the pool, and that did have phenomenal sunrise and sunset views. The CRZ advertises the pool as the largest of the hotels in the Huatulco region, and that might be true, but it’s quite shallow. The pool isn’t designed for laps. It’s designed for lounging and having a fun time with your kids. There were many families and groups of friends hanging out at the pool, drinking and playing games. 

There is a strip of pool snaking along the center that is deep enough to swim without hitting your feet on the bottom. There were a few of us guests doing laps along it each day. But it’s maybe 3 or 4 feet deep.

Would I stay at the Camino Real Zaashila again?

The hotel was going through a difficult time with the pandemic. I really enjoyed the staff at the hotel. The beach was beautiful. There was an iguana that would say hi to me every morning on my way to breakfast. Or it was a threat display. One of those. It could be great to check out the hotel again when they’re operating at full-capacity, with their restaurants all open, and with a gym refresh.

I mentioned in a previous article that I’ll try staying at the Quinta Bella next time I’m in Huatulco just because of the restaurants: The 7 Best Restaurants in Huatulco are all at one hotel?

The other hotel I looked at, which is just around the bay from CRZ, is Las Brisas. It does have a proper lap pool. If I could get a room by the pool, I would definitely consider checking it out.

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