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How to send holiday cards from overseas

The question of how to send holiday cards when you’re traveling around as a digital nomad might seem straightforward, but there are many places in the world where you can’t take the postal system for granted. You could show up at a post office to discover it’s not open, or it is open but they have no postage stamps, or that they can get your one-page letter to the country you’ve addressed it to but that’ll cost you around $100. In situations like this, it might make sense to print and mail your cards locally in the country you’re sending them to, using a service like Postable or Cardly.   

But are they hand-written cards?

Not exactly. They have a range of fonts that look like hand-writing. Although, in theory, you could use Postable’s custom card builder to upload your own hand-writing. More on that later in this post. 

Here’s an example of a font on Postable and you can see a bunch of the options off to the side:

Obviously, holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, and find-a-new-job-soon cards are all wonderful opportunities to remind people how important it is to welcome human experiences, like panic attacks. If you’re looking for the post on how to have panic attacks on planes, follow this link: “Getting over a fear of panic attacks on planes”

There are a bunch of advantages to using online greeting card services to send  holiday cards to loved ones when you’re traveling. Sending greeting cards during the holidays is a specific culture to only a few places in the world. Walking into a pharmacy in Canada, it’s not strange to see an entire aisle devoted to greeting cards. That would look so absurd in most pharmacies around the world. A benefit to these online services is the availability and customizability of designs. You can probably find a card that fits your personality.

Postable had a large number of cards setup for uploading a family photo. If you’re doing a family photo card with a standard message and then sending it out to your entire family, this could save you a lot of time.

Postable vs Cardly

After comparing Postable to Cardly, I opted to do this year’s cards with Postable. That was primarily a design choice. Postable had illustrations that were very on-brand (Christmas alpacas). The design of the site was excellent and that carried through into the customization options.

Postable does have a custom card builder (image above) that allows you to make a totally custom job. I didn’t test it out this time but, in theory, you could do all of your own illustrations and upload an image of your handwritten message inside the card. 

One perk of Cardly is that they seemed to have more local printing options. My Postable cards are getting printed in the US and shipped to Canada. Cardly offered the option to print in Canada. Depending on where your recipients are located and how quickly you need to ship the card, Cardly might be your better option just to make sure the card arrives in time. 

When shipping on Postable, it warned me that mailing internationally (from the US to Canada) could take longer than 7 days. I’ll update this post with how long it takes for the card to arrive.

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