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Inca Trail prep workout with no equipment

Cusco, Peru and the Sacred Valley are beautiful. It’s so easy to connect with hiking groups or do some solo hiking (but smartly: Can you hike Choquequirao solo?). They’ll be adventures you remember for the rest of your life. But these hikes are high up! And you’ll be doing many hours of hiking each day, up and down. So it’s useful to prepare for the journey. I didn’t have access to a gym before landing in Cusco, and there wasn’t one near me when I arrived. So I prepared doing HIIT workouts at home and hotel rooms. Here’s an Inca Trail prep workout you can use to get sweaty and ready for the Andes:

Low Impact Warm-up

If you’re already in Cusco and not accustomed to the altitude yet, this warm-up workout is an easy way to see where your body is at. Maybe you just do the warm-up today and tomorrow you do the warm-up plus the crusher below.

Intense Full Body Crusher

This is one of my favorite hotel workouts. It’s also a HIIT workout you can do in a small hotel room or tiny Airbnb. The pacing of the exercises and mix of cardio and strength is a good approximation for carrying a backpack up a mountain. Enjoy!

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