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La Calera: An ideal digital nomad Airbnb in Oaxaca, Mexico

If you’re a digital nomad looking for an Airbnb in Oaxaca, Mexico, this Guide suggests checking out La Calera. It is a former lime stone factory converted into an events space, art gallery, and twelve spacious, well-equipped Airbnb stays spread around a large complex decorated with sculptures and cactuses. The internet is fast, the beds are luxuriously comfortable, and there’s a precocious black cat.

Loft Orquideas at La Calera

Each of the suites at La Calera are uniquely decorated, and impressively so. It speaks to the thoughtfulness that went into designing and caring for the space. You can see photos of them on La Calera’s website:

I stayed for a month in Loft Orquideas. It’s one big room with plenty of space. I could do jump-rope workouts in the loft without hitting anything. The table was also large enough that I could work at one end and eat at the other. The kitchen had a coffee maker, blender, a two burner hot-plate, toaster oven, and a microwave. There’s a bar fridge but it’s large enough and included a small freezer. 

The bathroom had a great walk-in shower that always had hot water and your Guide forgot to take a photo of it, but you can get a hint of how the bathroom is decorated in the post on eco-friendly toothbrushes: The best eco-friendly toothbrush for travel 

Staff taking care of the complex were always around during the day for anything I needed. The stay included weekly cleaning, jugs of drinking water, and laundry. There’s a private outdoor area beside the kitchen of Loft Orquideas that was great for hanging clothes to dry or stepping outside for a quick break between client calls. 

How is remote working from La Calera?

The wifi was excellent for streaming and video calls without needing to be hard-lined but there is a router for each loft if you need that. There are also dedicated routers in the public areas of the complex. 

I worked in my loft for several hours doing calls everyday. I also enjoyed the large tables spread around La Calera. You can work in the event space when it’s not in use, or grab one of the large tables outdoors. While I was there, there was one guest that would take out her two large Apple monitors and set them up in one of the sheltered outdoor work areas every morning. There are keypad controlled doors securing the walled complex (and the imposing spikes of a silk floss tree standing guard at the front entrance).

Is La Calera convenient for experiencing Oaxaca?

Oaxaca is a food paradise and there are excellent restaurants just a short walk away, as well as a large Chedarui superstore with groceries, toiletries, a drugstore, and housewares. You can get the best Mexican food of your life delivered from all around the city with apps like Didi and Ubereats (but maybe not Rappi). You’re a 30 minute walk from Centro. On the way you’ll pass famous foodie hotspots like Criollo.

La Calera is in a residential neighborhood that can seem far outside of Centro when you’re researching places to stay in Oaxaca. I didn’t even notice it at first because I had Airbnb too zoomed in on Centro. But for tours to places like Hierve el Agua, the Tule Tree, Mitla, Monte Alban, checking out mezcal or chocolate production, you’ll be traveling by vehicle anyway, whether you stay in Centro or in a place like La Calera. It’s a three minute walk away from a major traffic artery, so as a place to work remotely while in Oaxaca, I’d say it’s perfect.

I stayed for a few days at a hotel in Centro before moving out to La Calera. If you’d like to get the Centro experience, walking around to all of the shops and restaurants, check out my review of the Quinta Real Oaxaca hotel.

From the front door of the Loft Orquideas, you can watch the sunset behind the hills to the west, across the flower-filled Oaxaca valley. If you have a chance to stay at La Calera, enjoy the sunset and say hi to the cat for me!

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    I am searching for a studio space for doing painting/collage in Oaxaca. Not to live-in, only for working on art. Do you have such spaces or know of any? Please advise.
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