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Menu at Milenaria, Miraflores, Lima

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When this Guide stayed at INNSIDE by Melia in Miraflores, Lima, I also visited as many of the coffee shops in Miraflores as I could. And it turned out that one of my favorites was just around the corner from the hotel. The menu at Milenaria, Miraflores is efficient (two pages) but full of delicious morsels. Below you’ll find their menu as of July of 2022.

Prices are in Peruvian Soles. $4 soles is around $1 USD. 

A lot of coffee shop / bistro classics, like the mixto sandwich, the capresse, acai bowl, avocado toast, and a complete breakfast. It’s straightforward stuff, but everything I had at Milenaria was well-made and delicious. A mixto sandwich is just a grilled cheese and ham sandwich, but they do it with fresh bread caramelized and crispy, with Cusco cheese oozing out, everything balanced perfectly. I’d want another just to hold it, but I was totally satisfied with the first one. 

I didn’t make it through all of the sweets, but the fudgy brownie genuinely felt like a slab of 70% cacao. The fresh fruit juices were substantial and fruity. Get those vitamins!

Milenaria’s mixto sandwich with arugula salad, the fudgy brownie sprinkled with cacao nibs, and a French Press coffee. They had excellent beans. That was probably the first French Press I’d had since Cannúa where they had that really fresh, forest-floor, straight from the farm aroma.

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