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Need a hotel near the Lima Airport?

If you’re looking for how to find the free shuttle to the Holiday Inn Lima Airport, details on that are below. If you’re just considering your options for a hotel near Lima Airport, read on for my experience with the Holiday Inn Lima Airport. There are affiliate links on this post for booking the hotel because it was one of the best airport hotel experiences I’ve ever had and I’d definitely stay there again.

Why is the Holiday Inn Lima Airport a great transit hotel?

It seems there are two types of airport hotels in the world. There are hotels that exploit the fact you have no other option, like the Hilton at Mexico City’s airport (not staying there again), and then there are places like the Holiday Inn Lima Airport, which recognize why you’re staying there, and make that experience as seamlessly efficient and comfortable as possible.

Free 24-hr return airport shuttle, smooth check-in, fast internet, sound proof rooms, great lighting with a big desk, a walk-in/wheel-in shower, a breakfast buffet that opens at 5am, payment done in advance so you can just hop on the shuttle and get to your flight.

How to find the Holiday Inn Lima Airport's free shuttle

The Holiday Inn Lima Airport has a free shuttle from Jorge Chávez International Airport. But I couldn’t find any information online about where to get the shuttle, so when I arrived, I walked outside and asked a security guard at the entrance. He pointed me to a spot near the entrance where he said hotel shuttles pick-up people. I waited there an hour and no shuttle appeared for any hotel.

Then I went back through my emails and there was an email from the Holiday Inn that had instructions in it on how to get the shuttle. Here’s how you get it: 

When you’re leaving the baggage carousels, before you exit the security doors at arrivals, you pass through a long hall with several taxi and bus kiosks. The shuttle is run by the Directo Taxi company. Currently, they’re the booth right beside the exit doors. Just go to their counter and tell them you want the Holiday Inn shuttle. They’ll ask you to wait nearby. When it’s time, somebody will walk you out and flag down the shuttle van as it drives by. 

But what if you’ve already gone outside of the terminal, pass the doors that say NO HAY ENTRADA?! 

I think a lot of people do what I did because I had to explain the situation to multiple security guards to get back into the arrivals baggage area and everybody instantly knew what I wanted when I mentioned “Holiday Inn”. 

Can I walk from the Lima Airport to the Holiday Inn?

Technically, you can walk anywhere. I’m a big walker, so don’t let me rain on your walking parade. But the Holiday Inn is not as close to the airport as it looks on a map. The roundabout is epic at all hours of the day–multiple 3 lane (and 4 lanes if you can squeeze your car in) highways packed with freight and passengers, spilling into a single merry-go-round of fumes. Pedestrian infrastructure is limited. It’s certainly not an easy stroll. 

Traffic jam at a roundabout outside the Lima Airport Holiday Inn
This is the roundabout between the Holiday Inn and the Lima Airport, at 7am. Luckily, the rooms are wonderfully soundproofed.

The Holiday Inn Lima Airport

Location: Ave. Tomas Valle S/N Esq Ave. Faucett Centro Aereo Comercial, Callao 07041, Perú  Google Maps Link

Cost: Around $150 USD per night

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