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Primera Plus bus from Mexico City to Queretaro

Taking a bus from Mexico City to Santiago de Querétaro is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to travel between the two cities. This post will explore some tips and cover the experience of taking Primera Plus up to Querétaro.

Usually I book bus trips in Mexico using Busbud (like the trips to Oaxaca) but Primera Plus isn’t listed on the Busbud site currently. There are several other companies on Busbud that also go to Querétaro, like Senda and Futura. For booking Primera, I did it through their website, which is very doable with basic Spanish: Primera Plus Autobuses

Tips for the Terminal Central de Autobuses del Norte

To get to Querétaro, you’ll likely take a bus from Terminal de Autobuses del Norte (but some buses do run out of the other stations around Mexico City, too). Norte is the largest bus station in Mexico City and one of the largest in the Americas. It serves over 100 destinations throughout Mexico. It’s packed with restaurants and shops. It looks more like a busy airport inside.

The front concourse of Terminal Autobuses del Norte, Mexico City

Something the station lacks, though, are signs displaying when and where your bus is leaving from. Find the gate for the bus company you’re taking, and then listen for the announcement when they’re boarding your bus. 

The bus system runs quick and smoothly, so they’re not going to let you board the bus until a few minutes before departure. 

The Primera Plus gate at the Terminal Central de Autobuses del Norte in Mexico City
The Primera Plus gate at Terminal Autobuses del Norte. The staff at the security gate will announce the buses boarding and scan your luggage through a few minutes before boarding.

Onboard Primera Plus

The seats on Primera Plus were more than spacious enough for your Guide (I’m 6’2″). They also had a large foot/leg rest you could fold down from the seat in front of you to cover most of the gap between you and the seat in front. That made it more like a bed, and a couple of people around me stretched out and went to sleep.

The entertainment system was full of recent films. It had a better selection than any of the airlines I’ve been on this past year. 

How much does the bus to Querétaro cost?

I paid 378.00 MXN for the trip with Primera Plus. That’s around $21 USD.

The companies listed on Busbud are currently selling for $22: 

Options for buses to Queretaro on Busbud

Querétaro is a fantastic place. I enjoyed my time there and I hope you do, too!

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