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Review: Hotel Casa Deco makes a great base in La Candelaria, Bogota

Around $50 US per night, with breakfast included, and big rooms with modern bathrooms, Hotel Casa Deco is a great deal and makes for a convenient base in Bogota’s La Candelaria neighborhood. It’s only a few blocks from the Botero Museum, the Museum of Gold, there are great coffee shops and restaurants nearby, and it’s surrounded by impressive street art.

I booked my stay through and this review of Hotel Casa Deco does include Booking affiliate links (like this one) because I had a great stay there and arranging it through Booking worked well. 

The staircase to the rooms spirals up through a central atrium that also brings light into the breakfast room. Breakfast includes a bowl of fresh fruit, juice, coffee, and eggs done however you’d like, along with an arepa. That omelet in the photo is filled with vegetables and cheese. It was delicious and not as plain as it might look there.

Hotel Casa Deco looks relatively small from the outside, so I was surprised by how spacious the rooms were. The bathroom had definitely be renovated recently. Great water pressure, temperature, and well maintained. I was also impressed by the number of windows in the room. And right out that big window, behind the sofa, Naruto was staring back at me…

Across from Hotel Casa Deco is a popular noodle shop: Ichiraku Ramen. They take their Japanese pop-culture influence seriously: every night, the host, in full Akatsuki cosplay gear, took names and numbers from people waiting in line. There was always a line at dinner, but it was less crowded earlier in the day.

Is Hotel Casa Deco good for digital nomads?

Excellent internet connection, with a spacious desk in my room and highspeed wifi on the rooftop terrace. I did client calls from my room. Had no problems with any of them. Even the WIFI on the rooftop terrace was strong. I did one of my weekly livestreams up there. The Eastern Hills (Cerros Orientales) in the background made for a beautiful backdrop.

Compared to some of the places I stayed in Medellin (Factory Lofts or Go Living Suites in Medellin?) that are supposed to be designed for digital nomads, the room at Hotel Casa Deco was more comfortable for working and living. It did not have a fridge, however.

Mark doing a livestream on the rooftop of Hotel Casa Deco in Bogota

Doing a livestream to YouTube from the rooftop of Hotel Casa Deco. It was a misty morning, but the WIFI was perfect. Check out the quality of the connection: Brain Tech Support Live – Feb 20, 2022

Where is Hotel Casa Deco?

Address: Cl. 12c ##236, Bogota << Just three blocks from the Botero Museum

Google Maps Link

Cost: approx. $50 USD per night

Click here to book on

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