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Review: Western Rise Evolution Chino – the Best Travel Pant

This Guide was initially skeptical of travel pants (“trousers” for our British friends). They sounded gimmicky. But after a year of mostly living with only travel pants from a few different companies, I’m sold on them. The good versions fit well, feel great, and have such useful pockets, you’ll struggle to go back to wearing pants that weren’t designed for adventure. I do not plan to go back. Of the four different travel pants I started the adventure with this past year, one has stood out above all the others. So let’s review it: Western Rise’s Evolution Chino

This post contains affiliate links for Western Rise because I’ve found their gear to be the best travel clothing I’ve tried this past year. I’ve got their travel pants, travel button-down, wool Henley (that’s been great for hiking), X-Cotton Tee, and their socks. They’ve all been incredibly durable and comfortable.

Pockets on the Evolution Chino

Something I’ve learned about companies designing travel pants is that some do not know how large a credit card is. It is common to find your credit card or cash sticking out of the pocket on many travel pants.

Simply because the Evolution Chino’s inner front pocket is so useful (for such things as carrying credit cards and cash inconspicuously), these trousers rocket to the front of the travel trouser pack.

The hidden back pocket zipper is also easy to open and close with only one hand, without needing to look at it.

Does the fabric make loud swishy noises?

If it’s your first time buying travel pants, you may not know this is an important question you should ask. It is. Some travel pants sound like you’re swishing mouthwash around in your mouth and mopping the floor with each step.

Thankfully, the Evolution Chinos do not make loud swishy noises.

The fabric is a nylon twill with a bit of elastane thrown in (90% nylon, 10% elastane). That gives them a great stretch. They have the stretch of workout gear without looking like you’re going to the gym. That’s made them excellent for traveling (like riding the bus from Oaxaca to Mexico City)

They also have a water repellant, which was noticeable when I’d take them hiking. They’ve been great for being pants I can wear hiking in the Andes and then wear to a nice restaurant when I get back to Cusco and need to refuel.

The shirt there is Western Rise’s Limitless Merino Button-down travel shirt. It’s genuinely odor-resistant and loses wrinkles easily. It’s also been great for Zoom calls or wearing to restaurants that don’t allow flip-flops.

In terms of sizing for the Evolution Chino, they’re all the same inseam (34″ or 32″ if you roll up the cuff). The waist sizes fit true to size and, for much of the range, they offer 1-inch size differences (ie: 32, 33, 34, 35…). I like that option to get exactly the size I want.

The Western Rise Evolution Chino retails for $128

If my current pair gets eaten by a tiger someday, I’ll definitely get another pair.

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