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Menu at Limbus, Cusco

Limbus Restobar initially didn’t register on my radar because I’d been to a couple places in Cusco with high ratings on Google, and they tended to be touristy places with not-so-great food. I gave Limbus a chance when I discovered it was home to my favorite local beer. And then I ended up coming back three more times. I even did a livestream from their balcony while enjoying a pint of their homemade chicha morada. So let’s checkout the menu at Limbus, Cusco: 

Potato chips do arrive in colorful alpaca wool caps, the Smoked Punch cocktail comes under a smoking glass pyramid. The Moai comes in a gold plated steel pineapple. Or maybe the Moai came in the stone skull… There is some flare with the presentation. But if that’s not your thing, trust that it’s all forgivable because of how good everything tastes. Limbus has a delicious Quinoa Burger and their Tiradito Andino was one of my favorites, a ceviche of local trout and herbs, is a classic Cusco dish and 

If you walk back from Limbus’ expansive patio, behind the bar, you’ll find a comfortable, loungey seating area with sofas, and it’s surrounded by the gleaming steal tanks of the Bardock Beer Company. Their Quadrupel, a Belgian-style quadrupel, joined me on a lot of patios around Cusco, but Limbus was the only place in town that had pints of it on tap, because it was made right in the back of the restaurant.

Chocolate brownie dusted with powdered sugar and a yellow pansy blossom on top, beside two scoops of ice cream with candied orange slices stuck in them, at Limbus, Cusco

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