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Travel Mental Health

No matter how far you travel around the world, your brain will always be in the same place. The dispatches in this category cover useful skills and tools for maintaining a great relationship with your constant travel companion.

A solo traveler with a backpack and sun hat, in a palette knife painting style, with an abstract background of splotches, like a sun set after a day of traveling alone

Is solo traveling lonely?

Questions and comments on whether solo traveling is lonely come up often in travel forums. Scrolling through the solo travel subreddit just now, around every

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Satellite shows an arc of green and yellow water-filled holes in the mud with a small river barely visible winding through them. It is the toxic pits left behind by illegal gold mining along a river in the upper reaches of the Amazon

What is Eco Grief?

Eco-grief was somewhat responsible for starting off on this adventure and documenting the journey. Part grief for what’s already been lost, and part anticipatory grief

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Police officer on camel in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza, during a sandstorm

What if you relapse on vacation?

In planning the perfect vacation, lining up the right hotels, the best tours, all the train-flight-freighter-donkey connections, the visas, the insurance, the kids’ school schedules,

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