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Where can you find good quality remote jobs?

This Guide has worked remotely for the past six years and still going strong. One of the key supports to working successfully as a digital nomad and sustaining that, is ensuring you’re working in a way that’s healthy for your mental wellbeing, your finances, and the people around you. When you start looking for remote work, you’ll quickly discover that many of the ads promising a high-paying, easy, work-from-home anywhere in the world are actually terrible jobs or just pyramid scams / multi-level marketing scams. But there are an increasing number of great organizations looking to hire from anywhere, and the technology to support you working online gets better all the time. So here are some places where you can search for good quality remote jobs:

We Work Remotely

One of the most balanced sites in terms of having lots of jobs spread around the world. Programming jobs are the most sought after, and these remote job sites know that’s where the money is at, so are you starting to learn how to code? You’ll also find a lot of jobs in the support categories around tech, like customer service, quality assurance, account management, marketing and sales, etc.


When you do a search on Remotive, you’ll immediately get a sense for what the market is like for remote jobs because the number of postings are listed beside each category: 

Screenshot of Remotive website. Software development, then product management, marketing, customer service, and sales, are the job categories with the most listings, in that order

Note that product management jobs take the second spot. That’s an important management role that’s arguably just as difficult to fill as finding a good developer. You’ll have fewer product managers than developers on a team, so it makes sense there are fewer of those jobs. But don’t overlook them.

Most postings are remote only from anywhere in the US. When a job is remote from anywhere, they give it a highlighted INTERNATIONAL tag (which does assume only one country is “national” and all of the others are not. But if that’s what you’re looking for, just keep an eye on the green tags to save you opening fifty job ads to discover they’re only remote from a place you are not.


An emphasis on remote jobs in the US but there is a section for remote work from anywhere in the world, linked above.

Living the remote work life with necessary smoothie bowl while editing a podcast in Sidecar, Nørrebro, Copenhagen


This is not a strictly remote job board but it’s one of the best places to find jobs with startups. I really like that they ask some important questions before you start your job search, and you can easily select in the search filters to only display remote jobs. A bit more complicated to navigate than all the other job boards listed here, but that’s because it’s a more serious site for real jobs and investors.


These are remote jobs specifically for the crypto industry. You can work decentralized on decentralized projects! The majority of postings are worldwide. Like any of the remote job boards, the postings skew towards developer roles, but community building, product management, marketing, and customer service roles are just as important in crypto, so don’t see it as only an industry for developers. There are many opportunities here in a rapidly growing industry that’s open to international work by design.

What about all of the other job boards?

There are many other remote job boards, but some of are pretty sketchy. Maybe they don’t post salary info or they make it difficult to see location restrictions. One site that claims to be run by digital nomads for digital nomads was posting unpaid internships and multi-level marketing scams but not explicitly labeling them as unpaid, so I didn’t include them. There are definitely more job boards out there, but for now, these are the ones that seem to be most reliable. Even with these, make sure you thoroughly research and vett any potential job. Your time on this planet is valuable.

Two helpful tips if you’re looking for remote work:

Get creative and push the boundaries of what you’d think of as remote work. This photo below is one of my favorites from a workshop I did in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Outsite there back in 2019. The workshop was a full weekend, and completely sold out. But when I was in that room at Outsite, I was totally alone. All of the participants were online. By using the room and preparing participants in advance, we could do all of the immersive exercises of an in-person workshop, remotely.

So the first tip is recognize that job skills you have which you might see as in-person skills, are also skills you can practice in remote work if you get creative. 

And the second tip is to consider starting your own business. Instead of applying to remote work jobs, you can be the one doing the hiring.

Mark wears a t-shirt that says Have Feelings, in front of a wall covered in post-it notes for a remote design workshop

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