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Where do you get donuts in Medellin?

The best donut is always the donut you’re eating. Luckily, it’s easy to find yourself eating donuts in Medellin, Colombia. Here are two gourmet donut shops dripping in dulce de leche, and a key tip on how to find wonderful traditional donuts pretty much anywhere in the city… 

Vibe Donuts - El Poblado, Medellin

Vibe Donuts is a small shop with big deluxe donuts and great coffee, too. It’s on a quieter street up the hill in Poblado, with massive trees lining the sidewalk, overlooking a forested stream. I do not grab a decent photo of the exterior, but I really enjoyed the outdoor seating at Vibe and just peacefully pulling apart the magic dulce-de-leche drizzled orbs of my churro donut while I sipped my espresso.

Donuts range from $6000 to $8000 COP ($1 USD = approx. $4000 COP ). 

Looking at the photo of the display case right now, I’d order that arequipe donut in a split second. 

If you look in the background of the display case photo, you can see that the fridge not only contains a selection of local craft beers, but also has bottles of prosecco. An ideal pairing with donuts.

Location & Hours

Location: Cl. 8 ##34-23, El Poblado, Medellín Google Maps Link

Hours: 8:30-20:00 Tues to Sat, 8:30-19:00 Sun, 8:30-17:00 Mon


Donisima Donuts - El Poblado, Medellin

Also in Poblado, another excellent option for gourmet donuts overflowing with toppings, is Donisima. You’ll see some of the same flavors as Vibe, but a totally different spin on how they do them. Which one is better? Only you can determine that through careful and lengthy research.

One thing Donisima does with many of their donuts is add toppings right when you order, like that drizzled mound of dulce-de-leche and cookie tuile on the top of my arequipe donut.

Donisima can be tricky to find. You can’t see it from the street. It’s in a complex of bars and restaurants. If the map tells you that you’ve arrived, head on in. There are two entrances to the complex and staff at the restaurants are happy to point you in the right direction.

Important Colombian Spanish lesson: dulce de leche is called “arequipe” in Colombia. And arequipe is POPULAR. It’s not strange to find a grocery store with a floor-to-ceiling display shelf with different arequipe varieties and DIY mixes.

Location & Hours

Location: Cra 43D #10-77, El Poblado, Medellín Google Maps Link

Hours: 11:00-20:00 Tues to Sun, Closed Mondays


Don't miss the bakeries and buñuelos in Medellin.

Bakeries and buñuelo shops abound. Most bakeries you pass on the street, with a few tables out-front and a glass case facing the sidewalk, will probably have at least a couple types of donuts. And the buñuelo shops often sell fresh plain sugar donuts that are halos of joy. If you’re visiting Comuna 13 and take the metro to San Javier station, right around the intersection at the station entrance, you can find some popular places with fresh donuts, which is where I took this photo of sugar donuts (and buñuelos below), eagerly waiting for you to pick them:

Display case of sugar donuts and bunuelos near San Javier metro station, Medellin, Colombia
Thousand dollar donuts, worth every penny 😉

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