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You can add the Guide on Bloglovin

If you’re using Bloglovin to organize your blog feeds, you can click here to follow the Mindful Field Guide with Bloglovin and if you arrived on this page because you’re trying to find out how to add your blog to Bloglovin, see details below…

A search box on the Bloglovin site with typed into the search box. A pop-up message reads: "Just a minute"

To claim your blog on Bloglovin, search for the URL of your site. If you search for the name of your blog, it’ll probably tell you it found nothing. 

After it brings up the blog’s RSS feed, look in the top right hand corner for a small link that says something like “Claim blog”. Click it, and the site will generate a unique link for you to add in a new blog post. It needs to be the most recent post in your feed when you click to verify. 

After you’ve claimed your blog, you can change the date on the post to bump it down in your feed if you’d like. 

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