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What cities have consistent great temperatures?

As a digital nomad, you know that one of the most important things is finding a city with good weather. Lining up your slowmad adventures around rainy seasons, heat waves, and consistent temperate weather that fits with the gear you’ve got packed, can take up some time when travel planning. Reducing the amount of clothes I need to buy and not needing to use heating or air conditioning, are also ways I reduce the amount of pollution I’m creating. Below I’ll share a website that will speed up your planning and also some of the places that enjoy friendly weather most of the year. is a useful tool for digital nomads

Weatherspark is a great website to check the temperature data of cities around the world. They have a map showing temperature graphs of cities around the world so you can quickly see which ones have consistent temperatures.

To use Weatherspark, simply enter the city you are interested in in the search bar. The website will then display a graph of the average temperature for that city, as well as the average high and low temperatures. You can also see the temperature data for each month of the year.

Medellín does have its rainy season but rain is part of spring and as the temperature graph shows, the temperature remains fairly consistent throughout. In the photo, rain clouds gather over Sabaneta: Researching the best neighborhoods in Medellin? Don’t miss Sabaneta! 

Looking across the apartment towers of Sabaneta, Medellin, with storm clouds gathering over the mountains in the distance, during Medellin's rainy season

My favorite perfect weather cities so far

Medellín, Colombia

If you check-out the Weatherspark map, you’ll notice the graphic for Medellín, Colombia’s weather is so consistently green it looks like somebody made a mistake. But it is nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring for a reason (because it is). 

Oaxaca, México

Temperatures can get hot around April and May in Oaxaca, but for much of the year, the average temperature stays in a comfortable range between 10°C and 27°C (50°F and 80°F).

Santiago de Querétaro, México

North of Mexico City, usually just referred to as Querétaro, this beautiful city is a pleasure to walk around, year round. The average temperature can dip to 5°C (41°F) at night in the winters, so maybe best for digital nomads that pack an alpaca sweater if you visit then.  

Lisbon, Portugal

When I did a workshop in Lisbon, one of the things I remember was just how comfortable it felt to wake up in the morning, walk down the hill to the workshop venue, do the workshop, and then go to a café for dinner as the sun set, never needing to fight with the air around me.

What places do you enjoy staying in without needing to fight the weather?

Share them in the comments below!

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