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Pig Gym or My An Sport Center in Da Nang?

If you’re looking for a gym in the My An / An Thượng / Mỹ Khê Beach are of Da Nang, Vietnam, you’ll likely be choosing between two options: Pig Gym and My An Sport Center. I also spent some time at the Four Points by Sheraton gym (which you can get a membership at). But for this Guide, My An was by far the superior choice if you’re looking for fitness options in Da Nang while working remotely. Let’s explore… 

Squat rack, weight plates, artificial green turf on the floor and rubber mats under the weights. The large pool visible out the window, at the My An Sport Center

Why did I like My An Sport Center the best?

Multiple empty squat racks and space for deadlifts.

That’s mostly all it takes to make me happy, but there was more. I had visited Pig Gym several times but couldn’t see in My An Sport Center from the street, so I wasn’t sure what they had. I also think they got review bombed on Google. But I went when a local told me I should visit the Sport Center. Trust the locals!

  • Range of Equipment: My An Sport Center boasts an impressive array of fitness equipment. It has more machines–weight and cardio, than Pig Gym.

  • Spaciousness: The ample space within My An Sport Center ensures that you have enough room to move around, stretch, and perform your exercises without the constraints of overcrowding. This is a significant advantage over Pig Gym, where space can sometimes feel limited, especially in the free weight area.

  • Affordability: With a monthly membership fee of 1,300,000 VND (approximately $55 USD), My An Sport Center offers great value, especially considering the breadth of equipment and facilities available. 

  • Availability of Free Weights and Squat Racks: For the lifting aficionados, My An Sport Center provides an abundance of free weights, squat racks, and Olympic weightlifting equipment, catering to a more serious training regimen.

  • Swimming Pool Access: For an additional 200,000 VND per month (about $8.50 USD), members can use the swimming pool. It’s great for laps and was usually empty. 

  • Fewer cameramen: I never had to navigate around influencers at My An. It is arguably less photogenic. But the cramped space at Pig could sometimes be an issue when people had their tripods out or cameramen crawling around the free weights.

There is a room for Olympic lifting and free weights on the first floor of the gym and then there’s another squat rack, Smith machine, and ample space for lifting on the second floor, in addition to all of the weight machines, bench press benches, and a row of cardio machines. 

Mangoes or Tofu?

There’s a shop across the street from My An Sport Center that focuses entirely on mangoes. It is blissful. But around the corner from Pig Gym was one of my go-to vegan restaurants in the area. If you’re doing day-rates at the gyms, you could just pick based on what you want to eat after.

Chickpea patties, fried tofu, vegetable spring rolls on a bed of noodles and mushrooms and other wonderfulness at Loving Vegan (Google Maps link)

Mango smoothie with coconut cream and mango chunks at Little Mango (Google Maps link)

Practical Information for Digital Nomads

If you’re moving around and working, I strongly recommend getting a gym membership as one of the first things you do in a new place. For digital nomad fitness options in Da Nang, I had a great time at My An Sport Center. The gym is close to the tourist area but it’s down a quiet side-street. I always enjoyed walking there and grabbing food at a local restaurant after. 

How to get there

Address: 30 An Thượng 9, Bắc Mỹ Phú, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam

Facebook Page

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